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About me

I am not a self proclaimed expert in blockchain technology but I am fascinated by it. I have spent most of my professional career as a web developer and graphic designer. I stumbled onto this magical world from various paths. I was into domaining a few years back (buying and selling domain names) and suddenly noticed all these domain names that had to do with blockchain, data, web 3.0, crypto, so I started looking into that more.

Now I had heard of crypto before, specifically bitcoin for the first time in 2013-2014. At the time it was easier to mine it on regular computers and I had scratched the surface of doing that without success. I even opened up a wallet address but never actually pulled the trigger on purchasing bitcoin back then…At $180. What a mistake that was. Not even one? (I asked myself daily for a while) $180 dollars in 2014 would now be worth 23,000 and was over $60,000 not too long ago. I did not want to miss out on something like this again. You see, because I grew up in a different country not as advanced as the U.S.A I had barely touched a computer until 1998. That was the first time I was introduced to the internet. I missed out on the “.com” bubble and that technological explosion. That is what built Google, Amazon, Facebook…The new technology was the foundation on which opportunities were introduced and utilized. 

Now I am seeing it again. When I heard about blockchain technology and started to understand what it does and its potential I knew immediately this is it! I have to get in. It’s early. Really early. 

I started listening to audiobooks about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Trading, investing, compounding. Everything I could find and learn from. I was hooked.

For the last three years I have tried to educate myself as much as possible. Internet, books, videos. There is so much to learn and this is so new. It’s constantly evolving. I wanted to put a lot of the research I did in writing and share it. Maybe make my own business one day out of it. This is why I decided to launch this website. 

A website with all the information I found useful when I was searching to find everything I could about Blockchain Technology. There is so much great information out there. I am just scratching the surface of it, but I was hoping this can be helpful to someone just now getting into this and realizing its potential like I did a few years ago. Maybe I still see it from the eyes of the commonly called “retail investor” (because I am) or a  “Degen” (I wouldn’t go that far but maybe a little). I certainly ask the same questions looking for the same answers as you if you made it here. 

Maybe this website can help someone get to where they need to be a little faster. For the content you will find that I do use automation and by that I mean tools like Chat GPT among others to help write some of the content. English is my second language and even though I do feel I have so many thoughts, ideas, and experiences to share it has been hard for me and very time consuming to get it all written down in the past. But technology is just amazing and I for once have the opportunity to take advantage of that.

On a side note here I thought it would be interesting to put the AI to a test. Since now there are AI’s that detect if the content is written by AI or not I copied and pasted this page into it and it came out saying that it was 80% human. I guess that is good to know? This content is 100% written by me a person but yet somehow I am still 20% AI. Unless I am a robot and I have not realized that part yet I just wanted to get that out here as well, especially to that google algorithm. Please understand not all of us are fluent in English. We may sound like robots because that is how English was tough to us or maybe that is how it translates to us from our native language. Please take that into consideration.

All the research is done by me, I am a real regular person. It is what I have learned from personal experiences and what I wanted to learn as I went on. I use the internet like anyone else as my resource. From trading cryptocurrencies for 3 plus years now I have made a lot of money and then lost a lot of money and made a little money back. It is volatile that is for sure. I have not been a victim of a scam unless you want to call the Luna collapse one and the Celsius bankruptcy another. Yes I was a victim of both. I am learning from my mistakes. That I know I am good at. It is very frustrating how many people lost their life savings and others got away with it. This is another topic to discuss later. Stay tuned. 

I am a single dad trying to live that American dream but somehow inflation, politics, and life has just stalled everything. I am trying to survive. I am not out here to scam anyone and as I said before, not here to proclaim myself the master of blockchain either. I am just a bystander who stumbled on this magical journey and now I am on board trying to see how far it will take me.I have some technical knowledge and expertise that I will share when I can. I did build that compound interest calculator by the way! I like calculating almost daily the what if’s… Helps me maintain my goals. You should try it too.

I dedicate many hours each week to this site, finding relevant topics to write about and post. Improving usability and updating older topics with new information. I am hoping  that it may be helpful to others like me. I hope you find it useful. 

If you find the information on Blockchain Compound useful please share it and even better link to it! It’s a startup site and it is not getting much love from Google right now because of it. Not relevant enough.

It’s ok for now I will sign off and keep working.


Mr. Irrelevant.